Creating human models using 3DCG

Creating the Head:

KeenTools KeenTools | Smart tools for VFX and 3D artists has developed a tool that enables you to easily shape a human head and create several correct UVMap textures from a series of photographs. The tool also has the ability to create multiple topologies and facial blendshapes for lipsync and expressions in ARKit, Unreal, Nuke, and Unity. A free trial is available.

Using the Facebulider Blender plugin by KeenTools: Download KeenTools FaceBuilder for Blender

(242) Facebuilder by KeenTools tutorial – YouTube

KeenTools FaceBuilder UVs

Creating characters using Facebuilder:

Facebuilder for Nuke Streamed live on 24 Jul 2020: FaceBuilder for Nuke | KeenTools

(242) FaceBuilder for Nuke (feat. Hugo Guerra) — KeenTools LIVE (24/07/2020) – YouTube


UV unwrapping:

Using BIgMediumSmall Assets:



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