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  • A-Frame Components

    Proximity Sensor aframe-proxemic-component/examples/proximity-sensor/proximitytoobject.html at master · jorgecardoso/aframe-proxemic-component (

  • Developing WebXR with A-Frame

    Learning a-frame: Web-based Virtual Reality Environments – ( Loading gltf: aframe/ at master · aframevr/aframe · GitHub Controlling animations: Creating animated glTF characters with Mixamo and Blender ( A visual inspector tool for A-Frame scenes: Easy.. Just hit <ctrl> + <alt> + i on any A-Frame scene to open up the Inspector.  Tool for…

  • Modeling for AR/VR

    Always test your gltf models before importing or uploading into projects. Online GLB/GLTF viewing and testing tools: glTF Viewer ( PlayCanvas glTF Viewer Babylon.js will also export: Babylon.js Sandbox – View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files (