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  • A-Frame Raycasting / Cursor triggers

    Detect gaze to allow click

  • Blender TIPS

    Keep pose, and delete armature: First, create the pose using the armature, or find a pose from your animation, then:

  • A-Frame Components

    Proximity Sensor aframe-proxemic-component/examples/proximity-sensor/proximitytoobject.html at master · jorgecardoso/aframe-proxemic-component (

  • Normal Map creation

    9.5. Normal Map ( Royal Skies sez it all in this video, however in Gimp 2.10.34, the Normal Map filter is located under Filters → Generic → Normal Map

  • Materials and Particles in A-Frame AR/VR

    Values and colour management: <a-scene renderer=”antialias: true;colorManagement: true;sortObjects: true;physicallyCorrectLights: true”></a-scene> Sample Environments: Particle Systems: Versioning: Aframe 1.2.0 / SPE 1.0.6

  • Gradient Alpha in Blender

  • Free Mockup Resources. Direct from the manufacturers

    There are a ton of great mockup resources out there, but if you yourself are resourceful, you may want to try going direct to the company that built and/or carries the products. This especially refers to company logos.. Apple

  • AR.js – Augmented Reality on the Web Marker generation 10 tips to enhance your AR.js app

  • A-Frame Course

    A full course in A-Frame, offered through Glitch by Jorge C. S. Cardoso Web-based Virtual Reality Environments – ( Animating a-frame objects Object rotation example: How to configure movement of objects in A-Frame ( A-Frame Extras Sandbox • VR Examples ( Animation Events aframe-extras/src/loaders/ at master · c-frame/aframe-extras ( Animation Controls aframe-extras/examples/animation-controls/index.html at master ·…

  • VSCode to remote server

    Install OpenSSH for Windows You may have to find the powershell.exe app in the file folder in order to run as administrator. Connect to OpenSSH Server Once installed, you can connect to OpenSSH Server from a Windows or Windows Server device with the OpenSSH client installed. From a PowerShell prompt, run the following command.…

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